Designed to run off batteries or be hardwired. Our MiniTrax can be hidden almost anywhere ( 3 x 2 “). Waterproof and batteries are monitored daily if unit is not hardwired. Ideal for boats, trailers, construction equipment, ATVs and all assets.

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AtlasAlarm, a visual and audible theft deterrent system, use as a stand alone system or integrated with the MiniTrax GPS tracking system.
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Can be externally installed and recharge itself with the sun for up to 10 years of usable service or hardwired to run off boat power for covert hiding.  Contains no batteries. Integrates with our AtlasAlarm so you can receive notification by text or email.

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Connect up to 8 personal smart devices to your own private satellite network for voice, text and browsing. Has SOS button to notify others of emergency.

The Marine Kit includes the Iridium GO! base unit plus external passive antenna, adapter cable, 12m cable, rail mount kit.

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AtlasAlarm / GPS tracker Combination

For Tracking and alarm needs, combine our AtlasAlarm with SolarTrax to both track your boat by satellite and send text or email notifications if the alarm is set off by opening a door / hatch or activating sensors or 60 foot micro cable is activated.

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Real-time communications and location services anywhere in the world.

AtlasTrax is a proven communications platform for remote asset tracking, data collection, and voice and data communications.

AtlasAlarm Demonstration:

Cable Wrap & Alarm

Learn how to protect your dockside assets with our 60 foot cable wrap and audible alarm.

AtlasAlarm Cable Wrap Demonstration

Video Provided by Freeman Boatworks

Case Study:

FPM Broadcasting

Learn how the AtlasAlarm from AtlasTrax safeguards FPM Broadcasting’s mobile broadcasting trailer.

AtlasAlarm Case Study with FPM Broadcasting

Use Case:

GPS Tracker & Alarm

Learn how Florida sport fishermen are using our GPS tracker and boat alarm system on their 39 Sea Vee

GPS Tracker and Alarm on 39 Sea Vee

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