Share your float plan with us to ensure safe passage

An AtlasTrax professional will register your planned route of travel and  destination(s), and the people, friends and/or family, to be contacted in case we noticed anything going unplanned .

Please email to register your Float Plan today.

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Fill out the following form to file your float plan with the professionals at AtlasTrax.
Float plans cost $20 for each 60 nautical miles. Pay online, over the phone, or via email.

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  • “I have owned your AtlasTrax unit for approximately one month. … I love the way it gives me a daily location of the boats overlaid on Google maps. The service provided to me by your company has been outstanding. The unit operates exactly as advertised and I think that virtually every boater will own one in the future.”

  • “Thank you Carolyn and AtlasTrax for always having our back. The Keri-N-On fishing team sure sleeps better knowing AtlasTrax is tracking their 33′ Contender’s every move. You guys are the best!”

  • “We all know the importance of filing a float plan BEFORE you leave – this is something that just slipped my mind and I did not do. Carolyn: thanks to both you and AtlasTrax for treating me like family and personally monitoring my trip from Fort Myers to Key West and back. When you combine AtlasTrax with an EPIRB and VHF it is about as safe as you could ever expect save for staying home.”

  • “Carolyn at AtlasTrax is a force of nature! She’s been taking care of me and my 34 Seavee with the AtlasTrax GPS tracking system since 2013 and it’s been a great partnership. Her office even personally calls to remind me when my batteries need to be replaced. Outstanding! Flawless service! Just added a second unit to my 64 Sunny Briggs. THANK YOU!”

  • “Thank you so much for Carolyn and AtlasTrax for keeping my family in touch. Such an amazing company. AtlasTrax is the best!”